Math is an Easy Subject If Kids Are Trained Properly

Math is one of the most interesting subjects when you know how to teach it with the right approach and logic. Well! Not all will relate to the fact that math is interesting – however, it is the truth. But then, what are the reasons that kids fail in mathematics?

There are several factors to this – Math is an easy subject if kids get the proper training to hone their math skills.

Let’s find out the possible reasons kids fail in math – Let’s eliminate it!

Attitude is poor: Every learning depends on the attitude of the learner to gain a grasp on any subject matter. Well, it’s a truth and holds true for every child that has the potential to succeed with the right guidance. However, some children develop a fear of math from the initial learning stage, which leads to a negative attitude about the subject. The mindset of kids is if they succeed in any particular subject, it’s good and easy, and if they struggle, it is a bad subject. You can support the child in removing the fear by instilling a positive approach toward the numbers. Introduce the math problems as logical questions and get the child involved in understanding them. Never stick to formulas. Rather you must practice the math, lay more stress on workouts, and clear the basics.

Teaching methods: The method of teaching any subject plays a vital role in understanding it. Start by using basic mental techniques rather than making the child dependent on gadgets. You must gradually increase the difficulty level instead of following the textbook patterns. Plan for tests and competitive exams with other caliber children to improve the efficiency of your kids. Set up the test paper as a mixed bag – a few simple questions, a few difficult ones, and a few challenging ones. It helps the kid to attempt variety. Hence, they will know where they must work more. Never stop encouraging.

Struggle with signs and symbols: Math can turn tricky because of the signs and symbols. For an average student, it is always a challenge to understand the concepts of signs and symbols in math problems. Placing the decimal in the right spot, the importance of additions, subtraction, division, percentage, and multiplication sign is imperative. Do not confuse the child with too many symbols in one problem –take baby steps if they are struggling and then increase the bar.

Practice is the key: Any math problem can only turn easy through practice. The more the kid’s practice – the better they shall perform in any subject. Give your child a combination of text ad reference books to do similar problems. Never think that basic math is easy and simple to do. Make a habit of doing the fundamental math problems more to help build confidence.

Never treat math as a terror subject – make it your best friend. After all, everyone needs and uses numbers in everyday life.

Author: Satjit Kumar

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