Tips to Score Maximum Marks in Class 12 Board Examinations

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Many of the students who will be appearing for the exam will be facing difficulty in the last month preparations. If that has been the case with you earlier, then this article is for you.

Keeping in mind that you might face last month difficulties in the preparation for the exam, we have here included a few very important tips that could help you students in preparing better during the last month of the exam!

1) Go through the syllabus

First of all, go through the syllabus of your subjects. When we say this, we mean that you go through the entire syllabus that is to be covered in one particular subject. Check out the marks blueprint for that subject. You will see that different mark weightage will be allotted to different chapters of a subject. Going by the marks weightage, it will be easy for you to allot different times for different chapters. That way, you will not be wasting more time on a chapter that won’t fetch you more marks. Remember, efficient work is as important as hardwork!

2) Solve the previous year question papers

This one is very important for your last month preparations. The last month preparations are not anything like the normal preparations. You need to evaluate yourself time and again to see where you stand in a particular subject. The best way to do it is to take up question papers from the previous years and solve them. By doing this, you will realise how you’ve fared in those subjects.

3) Go through the class notes

Whether it is the CBSE Class 12 Physics notes or the chemistry notes or the mathematics notes, it is important that you glance through the class notes. This is because your lecturer would have made an important point to note that would help you in the exam. When you see important notes in your own handwriting, it is more easy for you to retain the concept. Don’t ever neglect notes and just focus on work materials. They are equally important!

4) Go through latest sample papers

Yes, this will give you a better understanding of the pattern of the questions that are going to appear in the final exam. The question paper pattern is one thing if you understand can make a lot of difference to the marks you score. Once you understand the paper pattern, you will essentially eliminate the unwanted things from your syllabus with regards to your exam. Practice latest sample papers, and half your work is done!

5) Know the marking scheme of CBSE board

Yes, marking scheme is something that can help you score more if you understand the nuances of it. If you know how your answers are evaluated, you will be able to write them better. Each answer will have marking schemes. For instanceArticle Submission, the formula might carry some mark weightage and the steps another. Realise this will make your exam answering more efficient!


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