How to keep your kids safe

kidsParents are always worried about their kids and about keeping them safe. Who knows what kind of trouble they can get themselves into the next moment? But the task of keeping our kids safe just grows increasingly more difficult as our kids grow up and demand their independence. Yet, we keep trying. We try to get them to call home if they’ll be late, to wear a helmet and knee pads when roller blading or bike riding, to “never talk to strangers” and to “look both ways before crossing the street”.

We can’t protect our kids from everything in the world but it is our job to keep them as safe as possible.

So, here are a few ways to make sure your kids are staying safe.

Be a good role model- practice what you preach. If your kids see you taking care of your safety they’ll no doubt take their own more seriously!
Teach them- its not enough to tell them to wear a helmet or reflective gear when riding at night. They need to understand what the danger is and why it’s important. How wearing that funny looking safety gear can help save their lives!
Make it fun! In the end of the day kids will always be kids. Make safety a fun and exciting topic and they’ll no doubt catch on!

Practically, there are some pretty neat products out there that can help make our jobs much easier! These are some products that can help with keeping our kids safe at night with reflective gear etc. Use this as an example for any safety area…

Reflective backpacks are a nice solution. As long as your kid likes the backpack they’ll have no problem wearing it for safety reasons as well. (Plus he might even enjoy the way it reflects light at night). Who knows? Even your teens may even go for this one…

Reflective collars for kids are really easy to use with little kids. You just slip them on and don’t have to make much of a fuss about it.

Use reflective tape for a fun safety activity with your kids. Let them use the reflective tape to decorate their bikes, their helmets or whatever they like!

Get a cool Bright Ideas owl bike headlight; this flashlight is shaped like an owl – a sure thing your kids will love.

I guess that’s all for now. Good luck, and enjoy staying safe!

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