How to Draw

One of the most universal forms of art is drawing. It is seen all around us, in industries ranging from advertising to teaching. By learning how to draw one has a great capacity to influence an audience. It is also a basic introduction to all forms of art. The skill involved will help you hone your coordination and improve your attention to detail which can then be used in many other artistic avenues.

Before you start learning how to draw, the first thing you need to do is stop and think about what approach you want to take. What do you want to gain from drawing? What lessons do you need to learn? Anyone can develop the skill of drawing, it’s simply about making sure you approach it with the right mindset and that you apply the time and practice required to get good. After all, you get good at what you practice.

When you have an idea of what’s involved in learning how to draw, and have a plan in place, the best place to start is by studying the fundamental templates from the world of art. The most complex pictures can be broken into simple shapes, and it’s that understanding of the foundations that will help you to move forward. You can slave away working out proportions on your own, or you can follow the lead set by masters and you’ll start producing quality much sooner. Nothing ruins a picture like impatience. Once you have those standard settings down pat, you can look at branching out into other areas and letting your own artistic style blossom.

Art can be created with all kinds of materials, and as you grow in experience you’ll find styles and media which suit you more and more. Some more traditional tools are pencils or charcoal, but you can easily branch into something more colourful, like crayons or pastels. And these days if you prefer you can to step into the realms of latest technology to learn how to draw. You can specialise in various computer applications which can add a whole new power to what’s available; some of the most well-recognised being Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro.

The art of drawing is very influential, and is one of the oldest styles available. It can tell an audience a great deal about both the artist and the subject and therefore learning how to draw is a valuable journey and a useful skill to possess. If a picture can speak a thousand words, think what you could tell the world with a thousand pictures.

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