Best Friends: Your Gifts More Priceless Than Gold

best-friends-forever-quotes-sayings537885Who are your best friends–they say the gift of friendship is more priceless than gold. I can remember I was lucky enough to have already found mine as early as grade school. In our journey through life, we encountered tons and tons of people, and some of these strangers have turned into acquaintances. Then, if you’re really lucky, some of these acquaintances may form into friendships. But my best friend has always been there for me and vice versa.

Best friends are always there whenever you need them. They share your deepest and darkest secrets with them. Being with them bring about a sense of bonding and camaraderie of like-minded people who enjoy each other’s company. They’re also BI (not bad influence, but BEST influence, I should say.)

The gift of friendship makes you enjoy life’s experiences more and make you grow more as a person. They say that the most effective mirror is your best friend; real friends say it outright if you got some dirt on your face, in contrast to some fair-weathered fake friends who only stab you in the back.

Whether young or old, we need our pals despite the changing times in our lives. Despite the changes in our bodies, careers, and relationships, they are here to stay. Our interests may change, we may be distanced by years and miles, but we must learn to strengthen our bond because our best pals are part of our lives.

If we grew far apart through the years, may it be through distance, careers, marriages, kids, etc, then, there’s always e-mail, chat, Facebook, IM, etc. Recently, my long lost childhood friend and I reconnected after all those years of separation due to a change of location (because of her career) with the help of Facebook.

Thanks to the help of technology, it’s as if we never really separated and you remain best friends forever.
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