Natural Study : The Way to Success

12th April is on the way. Only once it will come, test the aspirants’ potential and after some days will lead those who are successful to India’s prestigious Institutes, the  IITs.

The competitive examinations need different and almost all types of knowledge scattered in the subject-books and they are well captured by either rigorous practice of the facts by calling it to memory or by discussing in groups of talented brains.

In examinations, if one misunderstands the problem, he will have the little chance of producing satisfactory answer even if he has a good deal of knowledge in the subject.

The aspirant must remember that God granted him the courage to change the things that need to be changed and the examination-result is one of those needed things to be changed in the favor.

The competitive approach to the problem is something different than the others. For example, everyone sees the changing moon but have anyone ever marked when the moon is shaped like the letter D, it is dawning and when it is of the shape C, it is closing. Is it not a unique way of expression the moon’s positions?

If one applies this in the case of learning, he may be certainly benefited. Every moment one should collect the knowledge and store in mind to use at the moment when it is required.

The more knowledge and experience one has, the more information will be available to help him in recognizing and dealing with the new problems. The more one thinks, the more information he recalls. Brain has nature to compare always vastness of its piece of knowledge with that of the total store when it comes across the new set of information.

An aspirant must remember what Gandhiji has once said “ If I have the belief that I can do it. I will surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning.”

All those who are the students of class XI or XII and have opted Mathematics certainly dream to be in some engineering college or specially in one of the IITs in the same year when they are to pass out their 12th class.

Dreams never die. One who can dream one’s goal at least once a day, will certainly start journey on the correct path that takes him to the goal.

Self confidence, right approach for achieving the goal with high degree of determination and devotional dedication with inherent talent finishes in fulfillment of  the aspirant’s wishes.

IIT-JEE tests the aspirants in three subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Each subject requires equal preparation. Command in one subject does not attract the award of selection but balanced preparation in all the three is must to get through.

The success to the IIT-JEE is the result of the integrated interaction of the guardians, students, teachers and the school where the contender prepares.

While preparing for cracking the JEE nut, one must plan to do the questions in 1 minute by reacting quickly to the correct approach of solving the problem and should practice rigorously to be master of this.

In IIT-JEE the examinee has everything other than the time which he earns and saves by practice and perfection under the ability of a good mentor.

The exams are termed presently screening test. The organizers know well that everyone who has aspired for this test is an intelligent and diligent and certainly would have rigorously practiced also, so they want to check the time management i.e. who does more well in lesser time than the others.

Search of talent has been the fashion of the present whether it is an exam or it is any field of life. Only the best is being recognized. None is compromising with the quality. Examinations now-a-days cannot be crossed through the talents only. Clear concepts acquisition under the excellent and expert teaching is the demand of time. Time saving tools have become essential in the exams as tricks and tips make the solutions easier. The Analytical approach is very useful in most of the problems of the competitive sums.

After doing the practice-problem sheet the aspirant must note his mistakes and try to remove. If the faults are timely removed, it encourages confidence. Increase in confidence is directly proportionate to the understanding and this increase of the understanding enables the aspirant to save time while meeting the problem in the examination hall.

Success comprises of Competitive psychology, scientific thinking, logical temperament and problem solving attitude.

Ultimately the only success sutra is to belief in oneself and in his potential to meet the challenge at all cost. Students’ standard of understanding should be taken in consideration while class room teaching is done by a mentor. The level of all the students in the class is not the same, so after a long wait and observation, an excellent batch should be formed from the existing strength as per potential and objective of  the aspirants and should be guided by the mentor for result-orientation.

Preparation of Mathematics depends on how many questions have been practiced by pen and not by simple reading as history. Only those who have been done on copy shall go with you to the exam hall through memory or understanding. For the healthy competition, group discussion in mathematics is a good tool to remember the concepts.

Aspirants should always practice the proper pattern questions only. Remember if one is to appear at IIT-JEE and doing always Olympiad’s question, he is far away from his goal.

As smell has no color, air has no shape and pleasure has no limit, similarly, the brilliancy is unbounded and even the sky cannot be its limit as it is reachable.

As the war is fought to win and no other cause make it winning. Similarly the IIT-JEE should be attempted to crack it and not for the experience for the coming year.

In nutshell the Success Sutras are :
(a) start by doing what is required, then
(b) do what is possible, and ultimately
(c) you will realise that you have done the impossible.

To be successful in the IIT- JEE, a student should
first master the fundamentals of Intermediate (11th and 12th) syllabus,
then after, he should try to go into the depth of the subject by solving relevant short but twisted problems from various text books.

Preparing under the guidance of a good mentor can boost an individual’s rank or help get a rank in the first place. 

To get through AIEEE and the States Entrance Tests, it is enough for the student to know which answer, among the four choices, is correct.  But to get through the IIT-JEE, the student should know why the remaining three choices are incorrect.

The comprehension type questions demand a much thorough understanding of the questions.

To be successful in the JEE, a student should develop basic aptitude towards mathematics and physical sciences at the High School level, but most schools prefer the “cramming stuff into the head” approach to the “conceptual understanding” approach. 

Good coaching centers start to instill the basic understanding approach back into the students, thus providing what the high schools (and many times Junior Colleges) have been unable to.

In my years of experience as a lecturer, perfection in the intermediate syllabus, followed by practicing complicated problems based on the simple basics is the correct modus operandi for achieving success in the JEE.

-By Prof: SBD Dwivedi, IITK, Faculty of Maths at K-Institute, Bokaro
[email protected]

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