Live Your Life With Passion

What does it really mean to live your life with passion or passionate living? Most people may think it is about doing, when truly, it is about being. That thing or things which best exemplify your highest self now that is your passion. It is actually whatever you are most passionate about and has always been present within you just ready to express.

For me, I define it as the steadfast dedication to the thing or things which brings your purpose into focus and makes your heart sings. For instance, you might have a passion for teaching, so your purpose is to educate other people. Try not to be confused with whatever your passion is and then spend years and years trying to discover and explore it.

It actually lives within you, and if only you took some time off from the trivial matters of daily activities, you would know and realize what it is. Purpose and passion really are the beliefs or principles of cause and effect in action. The desire to be, and the desire to live there is only passion within me.

Knowing and understanding that they are just twin sides of the same coin would help you in distinguishing your several skills and talents, which ones you are most passionate about and conceive your real purpose in this life. Your enthusiasm allows you to be it is the highest and the loftiest frequency of happiness which you could express through which you can do best.

Some individuals try so hard in transforming what they are passionate about into a job or work they could count on a paycheck from what a big mistake. Why its because now they have minimized or lessened their zeal into a certain kind of chore, which they would later resent because it has become very difficult to make it happen.

When we are trying too hard to make things happen, we go against the flow of the timing of the universe so in effect, we spoil our chances of enjoying what we are most passionate about. We become out of alignment because we are now anxious, fearful and worried; all of which are qualities of being attached.

When we do not feel fearful, anxious or worried about financial security, we let God amass all the resources accessible through His magnanimous world to bring us to the level of success we expect to feel through the expression of our passion. The secret in living our lives with passion and expressing this through what we do is letting go of our attachment to the outcome of that expression.

Bear in mind that not expressing your passion deprives the universe of your best gift You. What are you waiting for–start right now and today! Do not be someone trying to search all over for their keys while already holding them in their hands. It means you are already overlooking if if you continue looking for something that is already there.

You never really have to wait till you are too old in your life to begin living your life with passion through what you do.
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