CNA Certification Exam – What to Know

cna-certification-processIf you have made the decision to study to be a certified nursing assistant you would be aware that to become fully certified, you need to sit a final exam. The exam you will be required to sit, and pass, is the National Nurse Aide Assessment program. This exam is the conclusion towards your CNA certification. Once this is completed you can embark on your new career that you will enjoy and find rewarding. If you are still deciding whether or not to become a CNA then reading about the exam may help you decide.

Part one of the CNA Certification exam.

As with all exams, it is advisable to be prepared. You can mentally give yourself a head start by understanding what will be involved in the exam. There are a few different parts to the exam comprising of skills testing, orals and writing, there are two key components. The first part is the oral and written activities. The oral section of the exam is made up of 10 straightforward comprehension questions as well as a few multiple choice questions. The written section is covered by 70 to 100 multiple choice questions and may take approximately 2 hours. These questions go over the vital points that CNA Certification students need to completely understand at the closing of their CNA training.

Part two of the CNA Certification exam.

Once your knowledge has been tested it will be time to demonstrate the skills you have acquired during your training. In a replicated hospital situation, attendees will be monitored and assessed by exam officials and nursing staff. Staying calm during this part of the test is crucial. Not only is it the persona you need to maintain once you are certified, it will help ensure you perform to the best of your ability during the testing. Ask friends or family if you can do some practice runs on them before the big day, it may help to allay any nerves on the day. The CNA Certification will be marked based on their overall ability and performance. Each part of the exam is carried out on the same day and it is required that both are completed successfully. Once the exam is passed the CNA Certification student will be fully certified and listed on the Nurse Aide Register. There may be small variations from state to state for the exam however these variations will only be slight.

Your CNA Certification.

If you go over your notes before the exam and have a good night sleep your CNA certification will come to fruition. With your future in mind, you can succeed and go on to help others.
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