ABC of Success

Every one fixes aim. Everyone dreams. Everyone wishes to conquer the peak. Everyone determines to control the sky but how many of them succeed?  To fly with the self made wings is quite different than the flying with natural wings. To fly with ours wings is really matter of happiness. Nature has given the wings to so many creatures but very few of them reach the height. The height is achieved not with the wings but with the enthusiasm. Those who are not guilty of their potential always acquire goal. 

 Enthusiasm is directly proportionate to the success and dedication is inversely proportionate to the time of reaching the goal. To succeed and to reach goal are different. To touch the peak is not success but to stand there, is the real success.  Ethics of success in competitive examinations:

Adjoin the aim.

Burn the fire of wish to succeed inside you and dream the situation after your success. How did you feel? If you enjoy this dream; you have to think to reach there. That is the goal where you get enjoyment. Now try to find out the ways to reach this goal. Remember: The path to the goal is neither smooth nor similar to that of the earlier achievers. It is all time different and some time difficult to recognize. But note that there will be certainly a way if someone before you, have reached there. If there is no way, then do not be worried. Prepare your own path as they will lead you to the correct place. No chance of misleading is there on your own road. Do you not know? Paths never go anywhere but they make the aspirants to reach their mission.

Choose a good mentor to lead you. Have trust on him. Be dedicated to him. Give him time to think of you. When he starts thinking of you, your dedication is complete and the good days are ahead. A true mentor will always think of your success and he will do what is essential and needful. He never rests until you touch your ambition. A mentor is a link between his pupil and his wish and works as a catalyst that minimizes the obstacles on the way to success. But a true mentor is thirsty of respect. His thirst is quenched with just your surrender to him.

Do not change the mentor, now and then, as he realizes and identifies your weaknesses and will try to remove it in time. The new comer may not know about you and may not prove to be good as he is not aware of your prospects. Be ever alert to meet the result of the mistakes. Accept corrections. Characterize the pain of your parents regarding your development. If you can understand the pain taken by the parents to fulfill your needs, your struggle with success shall come to a happy end. Your conduct leads to goal. It provides a key to unlock the mystery of problems, improves grades of performance and brings the kingdom of fame. Do only two things to become great: be humble and try to be an ideal. Discouragement, disgust, unhealthy state of mind, lack of confidence and lack of self – esteem remove the goal farther and farther away. Until you keep these imaginary things away, the changes are not visible and till the changes are not there, the progress i.e. success is not evident.

Ensure destroy of the fear of being non-achiever as it is false, evidence less and virtual. When the goal is nearer, the fear is palpable but as soon as we touch the goal it disappears forever. When fear is nowhere, success is there. Do not allow the passion to go out.

Free yourself with the bindings of the mistakes. Doors of success opens for those who tie well the knot of corrections, correct directions and ever encouragement.
Grasp the inseparable link between you and your work.

Have you ever minded about the cool meanings of the colors red, yellow and green? Does Red not say? Correct yourself. Yellow shows the direction and the green encourages.

Immense consistency of the preparation leads you to your goal.

 Join one book at one time. You have a lot of collection of study materials, so shut the others. Opening of so many books helps in no way. Do not consult even them till the first is not completed. No one lets any one down. It is the person who brings himself or herself to the ground or in the shining sky by his or her unplanned acts.

Know: Not to defeat yourself. Promises should be dead lined. If commitments are made and they do not meet in fulfillment with their dead line, they re-appear with problems. So either do not promise which is impossible or fulfill it otherwise.
 Love your potential. Have faith in yourself. Never lose the confidence.

Mind the days when you were recognized by the identity of your parents (i.e. the son or daughter of so and so is going).If you can bring the days back that everyone says with honor “look there! He is the father of so and so”. If it happens, you have got the success.

Never follow illusion. If Focus is Specific, Goal is Measurable, Determination is Attainable, Dream is Realistic and Preparation is Time bound, none can stop anyone to reach the destination.

 Opportunity of learning should be stolen from the best as the perfect performers are rare.

Practice the problems with the pen or pencil as it is more effective than the practice done through mere reading by eyes.

Quiet meeting with the challenges is the first step towards the achievement.
Run behind your goal, honor runs behind you.

Specific sums should be done while preparing for competition. For example, if you prepare for IIT-JEE, you should not focus or practice the questions of Olympiads and similarly if you are following the success to the PMT, you should keep yourself away from IIT-JEE pattern problems.

Temperament of a competitive examinee should be logical and should also complement the problem solving attitude. Tough situations are won over by difficult ways.

Use table lamp for light at the time of study. It creates concentration.

Virtues and Values never grow old. They are not taught but caught silently.

Watch your time of examination. If it is 10 to 1 then you should practice your problems at that time and must not utilize this time for any other work at any cost. If you are studying Mathematics from 8 to 10, continue till last moment and do not try to give it for any other subject.

Xerophytes behavior should be adopted by a success-seeker until the destination is not amalgamated with him. 

Your way to pass through the desert passes through it only. So the preparation is complete only when you practice the right pattern.

Zoom the zeal of working and not the fate. “ mat naaz kar apane haath ki lakeero per, taqdeer unaki bhi hoti hai zinke haath nahi hote.”

By: SBDDwivedi, M.Sc ( Maths),IITK, Professor of Maths at Aakash Institute,Siliguri [email protected]

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